Each year, YAC has approximately 8,000 dollars to grant out to deserving projects and organizations.

The group goes through a grant application process in which they rate each on its impact on the community, bang for its buck and how it addresses youth issues.

After ranking each application, the group then takes the highest ranking and decides to fund them.

Currently, the YAC has money through State Farm to grant out for service learning projects.

Click here to download the current YAC Grant Guidelines: Ionia Youth Instruc for QB 2015

Below are the organizations and projects along with the amount granted from past years.

2014 YAC Grant Recepients

Name Project Summary Amount Granted
1 Montcalm Ionia College Access Network $1,000.00
2 Drive to Survive Teen Driver Safety Conference $1,000.00
3 Ionia County Dolly Parton Imagination Library $999.00
4 IM Kids 3rd Meal Ending Childhood Hunger with 3rd Meals $1,000.00
5 2014 Wilderness Adventure Ranch $250.00
6 Special Education Banquet 2014 End of the year Banquet Celebration $675.00
7 Keeping Warm with Measurement $500.00